GotoWebinar Integration With Email/Autoresponder Service

This is a very simple PHP/Javascript implementation. Basically you're setting
up your optin form like normal and having your email service (Aweber, etc.) 
forward the subscriber to a "gtw.php" page, being sure to pass along the
subscriber information as part of the URL.

The gtw.php page is just a GotoWebinar form (all hidden fields) with some 
snippets of PHP code that serve to grab the subscriber info that has been 
passed to it, and insert that data where required in the form.

Finally, there's one line of Javascript code that "auto-submits" the form.

For people with Javascript turned off, there is an option for them to
click a button to complete their registration . . .

I've included two example files . . . just right-click these links and 
"Save Link As" or "Save Target As" to save them to your hard drive.

Link 1: Click this link for file designed for Aweber -> GotoWebinar

Link 2: Click this link for file designed for Infusion -> GotoWebinar

The file you download should be saved with a .php extension and placed 
on your webserver. Let's say you call it "gtw.php". Be sure to replace 
"PUT YOUR GTW WEBINAR KEY VALUE HERE" with your GotoWebinar webinar ID.

This Aweber example is assuming you're using the following field names:

custom lastname

(If you're wanting to pass more or less data to GTW, modify accordingly . . .)

Then you will create an Aweber or InfusionSoft web form like you always do, 
making sure to specify the gtw.php script URL as the redirect/ThankYou URL 
for the form.

Also be sure to check the option to pass the optin info to the redirect
("thankyou") page.

When you're first testing this, comment out this line in the gtw.php script:


Just put two slashes in front of it to comment it out, like this:


When you get to that page (after submitting the optin form), look at the
source code and see if your name/email info has been inserted where
required. Once it looks like it's working, then uncomment out the above

Let me know how it works out for you!